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Also Just Added Music Bingo”, “Corporate Feud”, “Easy Jeopardy”, and “Wheel of Fun”

  1. Walla Balla – Can be set up as up to 6 teams or 6 individuals. It consists of a strap-on around the waist gadget with three mini colored basketball hoops and a string tied to a hanging ball. Your goal is to get as many points as possible during the length of a song (increments of 25, 50, and 100 points) into those hoops without using your hands.
  1. Musical Chairs – If there are 12 contestants, 11 chairs are set up back to back. The 12 people walk clockwise around the chairs (without touching them) when the music is playing. When the music stops, everyone quickly sits on a chair. The person that doesn’t have a seat is out of the game . Then another chair is taken out and start all over again over and over until 1 person out of 2 sat on the last chair and is now the winner.Musical Chairs Scavenger Hunt – add on getting an item a certain color (that the dj calls out) before sitting down.
  1. Adult version of Musical Chairssame as above except you have 12 guys, 12 girls, and 11 chairs. This time the guys walk around clockwise around the chairs, the girls walk counter clockwise around the guys. When the music stops, the guys sit on the chairs, the girls sit on the guys. The remaining guy and girl without a chair is out of the game. Then remove a chair and start all over again until 2 people out of 4 sat on the last chair and is now the winner.
  1. Search and Conquer – The DJ finds something a certain color and everyone has to try to touch that item by its color to win a prize. Then again and again……
  1. The Great Balloon Relay – Make up 3 or more teams with team mates behind each other. A round balloon is set to the front person on your team, then tossed and relayed in the air (never to touch the floor) around the other end of your marker (perhaps a chair or person) and tossed all the way back to your next person in line to do the same. If your balloon hits the floor, you have to start all over! The goal is for the last member of your team to get the balloon back to the original first teammate to win! Party Wrap Game – First you divide all the players in teams ( minimum of three ). Number each team (1, 2, 3…) When the music starts, One person selected from each team starts wrapping your team mates together from top to bottom with special wrapping paper (supplied). When the music stops, The audience cheers for their favorite team. Whoever gets the loudest cheering and applause is the winning team.
  2.  Hula Hoop Contest – I bring 6 hoops for a fun & competitive challenge, either by singles or teams.Hula Hoop Relay is also great fun for large groups.
  3. Party at the farm – 32 people are picked and brought to the dance floor to create an inner circle and a outer circle. Each person is given a mask with a name on it that cannot be revealed to anyone. When the music begins, the inner circle walks blindfolded walking clockwise. The outer circle will walk counterclockwise around the first circle. When the music stops, the only noise each person can make is what was written on the inside of the mask. The goal is to find the other person in the bunch with the same thing written inside for a match and becomes the winner.
    ( like 2 frogs for example )
  4. Trivia Gameshow
    ( as pictured )
    for an extra fee ($100 -$150) –with four booths, mics, scoreboards, stop button and 30 different categories of trivia and sound clips. Prizes included. Fun for all ages.
  5. KaraokeFor an extra fee ($50)– I have around 15,000 songs to choose from (and growing
    monthly) in my catalog. This includes a 13” color TV on a stand, and 2 wired microphones with effects. A good time for all!
  6. The Newlywed Game – 4 married couples (each couple is a team) are seated up front as Couple #1, Couple #2 (and so on) and asked questions about their spouse. First the men leave the room and the women are asked a series of 5 questions each (worth 5 to 15 points each). Then the men come back and the women leave the room. The men are asked 5 different questions each (worth 5 to 15 points each). Then the women come back into the room and the questions begin. The goal is to have the most matched answers with the highest amount of points to win. Very entertaining! (could last from ½ to 1 hour ).
  7. No Deal/Let’s Deal – Similar to Deal/No Deal with a few twists. Instead of 25 suitcases there is 20 envelopes.