“What is your dream?”

Dave Lash Entertainment Inc.
“Your dream reception specialist”

A day like today should be cherished, honored, and especially…remembered.

My Mistake

It is amazing how many people make the same mistake now that my wife & I made over 25 years ago. We shopped for the cheapest price on everything for our wedding, including the DJ. We saved a few hundred dollars for someone to ruin my wife’s day. Please don’t repeat what we did. What’s even worse, that is all my wife remembers of our wedding day and nothing else. That is why I do what I do. Every bride I serve, I see my wife in her. I cannot change the past with my wedding, but I can make yours the wedding day my wife wish she had. That is my commitment to you.

David Lachapelle

Why pick Dave Lash?

  • I am the one serving you, not someone else.
  • I give a free 2 hour consultation.
    I love people…especially the B & G (Bride and Groom).
  • I will be very involved in your reception.
  • I can handle your last minute changes.
  • I bring a back-up system with music.
  • I bring a B & G wedding emergency kit.
  • I work well with the photographer and videographer. No shots are missed.
  • I don’t drink, smoke, or use foul language.
  • I serve 1 wedding a day, not 2.
  • I am experienced in this career, since 1980.
  • I purchase the edited versions of music.
  • I have a character that will not embarrass anyone…including your grandmother.
  • I set the sound level comfortably, not ear piercing.
  • I start setting up 2 hours early (and prepare early).
  • I have many current referrals of my past brides served. Ask them yourselves!
  • I have 2 vans (1 as the primary and the 2nd as a back-up).
  • I have a DC to AC 1500 watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for loss of power or for a secluded location.
  • I bring both a tuxedo & a suit for proper attire.
  • I bring a list of local Justice of the Peace Officiates “just in case”.
  • I offer serving the wedding, social hour, and reception in most cases.