Corporate Events

Dave Lash Corporate Events

For Bars, Restaurants, and Nightclubs on a weekly basis.

Business Owners are you open to a DJ, Karaoke, or perhaps some Game Show Entertainment at your establishment?

Business Owners – Daily Rates (Sunday – Thursday)Games

1 day a week, every week
Show times vary (1.5 – 3 hours)
DJ & Karaoke – $100 – $200
Speed Quizzing – $150 – $250
Game Show (Choices – DJ Daves Trivia, Extreme Bingo, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, & Jeopardy – $200 – $500)



Rates for Friday or Saturday

(1 day per week – every week)
DJ – (Call 413-323-6106 for prices)
DJ & KJ – (Call 413-323-6106 for prices)
DJ & Game Show – (Call 413-323-6106 for prices)

Rates for Private Parties

(1 shot deal in a hall – not every week)
DJ – (Call for prices) Per Hour (2 hour min.
DJ & KJ – Add  to DJ rates above
DJ & Game Show – Add to DJ rates above

On a personal note:

I prefer Sunday – Thurday evenings to work. Many Saturdays that I serve are Weddings and private parties. The off season (Nov – March), I am available half the time and would like to fill them in with work. Even though I do all this, my specialty is weddings. I love the variety of services and the people I serve.

Call me and you’ll see!
Dave Lash Entertainment Inc.