Jack and Jill

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  1. Trivia Gameshowfor an extra fee ($100 -$150) –with four booths, mics, scoreboards, stop button and 30 different categories of trivia and sound clips. Prizes included. Fun for all ages.
  1. KaraokeFor an extra fee ($50) – I have around 2,000 songs to choose from (and growing monthly) in my catalog. This includes a 17” LED Screen on a stand, optional Projector & Screen for the audience to sing too and 2 wired microphones with effects. A good time for all!
  1. Hot Potato Centerpiece Givaway – At each table is a nicely decorated centerpiece with a soft colored ball on top. At the appropriate time, I would ask that who at their table has their birthday closest to today’s celebration date gets to take the ball. When the music begins, the ball gets passed around clockwise. When the music stops, the person who has the ball or just tossed the ball is out.
    After this, we then proceed a second time and third time, the person who has the ball or tossed the ball on the
    forth round is the winner of the centerpiece. It worked out perfectly with moaning and cheering during each round and was a climax at the forth
  2. The Newlywed Game – 4 married couples (each couple is a team) are seated up front as Couple #1, Couple #2 (and so on) and asked questions about their spouse. First, the men leave the room and the women are asked a series of 5 questions each (worth 5 to 15 points each). Then the men come back and the women leave the room. Jack and JillThe men are asked 5 different questions each (worth 5 to 15 points each). Then the women come back into the room and the questions begin. The goal is to have the most matched answers with the highest amount of points to win. Very entertaining!
    ( lasts from ½ to 1 hour ).
  3. No Deal/Let’s Deal – Similar to Deal/No Deal with a few twists. Instead of 25 suitcases there is 20 envelopes.
    Jacj and Jills
    6) Pie in the face – Great for a Jack & Jill. Get 2 containers (one with his picture, the other with hers). Who ever has the most money put in his or her container get the pie in the face by the fiancé. Entertaining and a great fund raiser!
    7) 50/50 raffle – Great for most parties. People buy tickets for a chance to win half the total collected. The other half goes to whoever or whatever the parties for.
    8) Chinese Raffle – If there are raffle prizes, there is a bag in front of each prize. You purchase tickets and put you ticket in the bags that you only are interested in for those certain prizes.
    9) Specialty Raffle – People purchase different tickets for a valuable special prize or prizes.